One Visit Veneer ? Why Not ?

One Visit Veneer ? Why Not ?

Are you looking for another cheaper and faster veneer option? A composite direct veneer is an answer. Today’s composite materials can provide a life-like, beautiful appearance that is conservative of tooth structure and can last for a long time. These composite layers placed on the tooth and sculpted directly in the mouth to achieve the desired aesthetic the patient looking for. It can be used in situations in which there is chipping, discoloration, and minor misalignment of natural teeth.

Advantages of Direct faster veneer option :
1. Composite direct veneer can be applied in one day, last 4-8 years
2. The cost is less than porcelain veneers – about half price
3. Can be used for a variety of aesthetic situations and results can be amazing.
4. Composite is essentially reinforced plastic with today’s technology it’s much stronger and aesthetic than ever before.
5. It made chairside, therefore accomplished in one visit only
6. Can be repaired

Disadvantages of Direct Veneer :
1. It requires maintenance (they chip).
2. Its last shorter-lasting finish than Porcelain Veneers
3. Not as stain-resistant or color stable as porcelain
4. Need an adequate removed amount of tooth structure to allow placement of composite resins in the desired shape without added tooth bulk.

Composite veneer therapy is an art, ask to see some of your doctor’s work and make sure you feel comfortable with the doctor since it involves extreme attention to detail.

To improve the durability and longevity of veneers you need to maintain consistent good oral hygiene and have regular dental examinations and cleanings at least twice a year. In addition, you must avoid using them to bite or crack hard objects like nuts and ice.

So, you have your choices of veneers now. Have your new smile NOW.

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