Digital Impressions 3D Dental Scanner Vs Conversional Impressions

Digital Impressions 3D Dental Scanner Vs Conversional Impressions

The field of digital increasing very fast and incredible. Every day we heard about new technology in every aspect of human life. Digital Impressions 3D Dental Scanner Vs Conversional Impressions Dentistry is included. Digital age in Dentistry has begun since 1980 but not been using so much. New technology increasing to provide high quality standard, convenient for patients and in other hand easy chairside process, eliminate appointment time, improving accuracy for clinician and eco-friendly. Through this post i will write about digital impression as a major information for public.

What is Digital impression?
Digital impressions represent cutting-edge technology that allows dentists to create a virtual, computer-generated replica of the hard and soft tissues in the mouth using lasers and other optical scanning devices. No more Gag reflex, less anxious, less chairtime, digital Impressions can be stored electronically and the impressions can be send to laboratory as fast as email. It captures clear and highly accurate impression in minutes, no need traditional impression materials that inconvenient and messy. The impression information then is transferred to a computer often without stone models.

There is 2 types of scanners today. There are systems that used LED, these systems are optical scanners and require a contrasting medium or powder to acquire a representation of tooth morphology. There also system that use LASER which is not require powder.

Digital Scan 3D


Digital impressions or Convensional impressions?

Digital impressions

Based on summary on the article published in The Journal of Prosthetic Dentistry : Digital versus convensional impressions for fixed prosthodontics : A Systematic review and meta- analysis ( August 2016), we get this key findings : No statistically significant differences were noted in the marginal fit of fixed dental protheses and single crowns made using either impression technique.

Initial investment for Digital Impressions typically about $21.000- $24.000. Of course this number will have an impact to patients cost. If traditional impressions will be charged about $20-$30, with Digital impressions the price would be up to 4-5 times convensional impressions price. In my opinion,Yes, its awesome to have Digital impressions as we know its advantages and considering patients ability to pay.
Most of dentists in Asia (include my clinic now) still use convensional impressions which is taking potentially involves multiple materials and occasionally more steps. Its a skilled process and have been used for years. Either Digital Impressions or Convensional Impressions, As long as your dentists doing it properly, will be same result in the end. In future, we will use Digital impressions as well. Its dental Future and we move step by step to this path. Digital Impressions 3D Dental Scanner Vs Conversional Impressions

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